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Attack (2022)

Action | SciFi | Thriller
Rayting:   6.9/10 15K votes
Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release date: April 1, 2022

Witness the rise of an army soldier as he realizes his destiny and comes to terms to becoming India's first super soldier created to combat terrorists as he fights his inner demons and outer enemies.With lots of action

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atharvagosavi-45998 4 April 2022

Mark my words that this movie will be flop today but this will be a big achievement and milestone for futuristic indian action sci-fi cinema... Film has too many good points with moderate budget and brilliant on point execution without any loose end!! Gripping and good at action scenes also this movie is slap for audience who always love to argue on topic that "bollywood tatti hai"... So please support it!!

amarmagar-70010 3 April 2022

Fmovies: Best John movie. What a action scenes nice. VFX is good , and cg is well.. action like Hollywood but story was poor..I was thinking story was different from other movie.

But it's same....

banerjeekousik92 2 April 2022

Conceptually this movie is nothing new. The plot, the series of events you have seen million times before in Hollywood movies before but it proves that bollywood can also make vfx heavy slick sci fi movies with fresh action choreogrphiies with a first paced script.

alankarchauhan 1 April 2022

Attack fmovies. John is really trying I like his honesty he's finally doing what he wanted to do for a long time now and I know its a concept that has been experimented with a lot of times now in Hollywood but hey filmmaking is all about showing the same stuff differently.

mishraharsh-49207 1 April 2022

This is dark truth of Indian cinema whenever new concept arrived some haters always come to review it badly but the truth is this movie is first Indian super hero movies. It may have nothing new to watch if you watch Marvel's movies and series but believe me this is just beginning .John performance as a action hero is brilliant as always . There is some flaws but overall you must go watch in theatre once ....

l-80790 3 April 2022

As promised, Attack definitely stands out as a very different film from the other action films in bollywood thanks to introduction of AI powered super cop concepts.

Film is fast paced and to the point without spending much time in John's romance and stuff. Some really cool action flick, some entertaining conversations between John and Ira , his AI assistant (like Iron Man's Jarvis) and an equally good climax making it a good entertaining watch.

VFX work and action scenes are terrific (however there is one place I felt the VFX is off and I will discuss that in the negatives).

Negatives - 1. Jacq and Rakul preet! With such an ambitious project you cant have these below average actresses in your film cuz there are better ones out there . 2. The romantic angle between John and Jacq is cringy. 3. Rakul preet's intro scene is hilariously bad, she looked like an RJ or something instead of a scientist . 4. For the love of God, spend some money in VFX for aeroplanes! Be it the plane in the climax or the places you saw in Bell Bottom, it seems bollywood never gets there aeroplane vfx right!

Overall, this is a good watch. Support these kind of films and bollywood will ensure better projects come out soon instead of stale ones we are fed up of. Don't listen to critics, they only know how to find flaws and won't highlight you the goods despite knowing India made something they never made before and can't be perfect in the very first attempt.

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