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raykuanlabel-291-473410 28 April 2022

3 stars for the gorgeous locations, cinematography and drone shots. Otherwise, from the plot to the dialogues - it's total cringe. Except for the erotic scenes - I feel sorry for the beautiful actors the director made them look so dumb. But we all know it's gonna be bad it's so laughable. Haha.

Zi_Reviews_Movies 6 May 2022

Fmovies: We all watched it for the same reason, and yet, it was disappointing. I can't believe I'm typing this, but the first one was better. Compared to this. As a movie, NO.

There's no plot, the dialogues are dull, the characters are lost, and the acting missing. If I type any more, this would turn into a rant.

Anyway, you don't need a review; this is a movie you'll either wait to watch or ignore. For the folks in the former, I know I'll see you all when the next part releases.

nicksmoviereviews 4 May 2022

Well, here it is. The sequel to one of the most uninspired, least-sexy, and tacky movies in recent years, 365 Days. The sequel commits the cardinal sin a movie can make: not learning from its mistakes. The movie is a blatant cash-grab that hardly costs anything to make, and an excuse for actors and crew members to film in luxurious locations. Bad acting, no plot, and an absurd runtime for what it has. No wonder Netflix is losing subscribers, it has more unoriginal garbage like this.

lenkaweaver 27 April 2022

fmovies. I watched the first one only because it generated so much noise overall and I though that the first film was bad, but the sequel is a whole new level of BAD. I though films suppose to have some form of development and plot but here 35 minutes in and where is it... frankly the acting on both parts of the leads are worse than in the first film and one get even put off by the sex is porn film on Netflix.

desislavasav 30 April 2022

Biggest regret of my life

After the opening scene I thought that it couldn't get worse but somehow it did, and it kept going... I'm actually amazed they managed to create something that awful ?!

mattfrancis-03963 27 April 2022

Blame Italy, or Poland, or Netflix? No just blame people. Nowadays it's about a thrill, not a story meaning the movie was a cringe fest and a laughing stock. Now it's not the dialogue that was bad, the woeful unrealistic story, or the acting, what's bad is the fact people can make excuses for this throwing lot of clever cinematic views and shall we say steamy moments. A movie isn't about the thrill. It's not about filters and fancy clothes, being spoilt as a woman and loaded as a man. No actually that actually is all this is. Netflix throws this at us because of the demands to please the audience with this sort of thing. Any pathetic, girl power, snap chat fish for likes love myself type of person will adore this. As too will any unhappy coupled or bored individual. Point blank doesn't matter how disgusting the male lead is, how bad the story or dialogue, how bad the female leads acting is, it's all about what is pleasing on the eye. That's why a Netflix original cannot be trusted or half of the reviews left by these so called adults. Many of whom are probably underage by the way or only care about a good time and no doubt have everything easy. This isn't about an escape and it's not about putting yourself in the polish girls shoes, or underpants, it's about what is wrong with the every day person these days and how so long as they're enjoying their life nothing else especially not this stuff matters. Shame. A woeful woeful film.

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